BSA204:Week 1

I already have ideas for our first assignment and even though it was made very clear to us that we were not to revolve our stories around “self pity”, I think that’s more or less what I want to do. I had this idea in my head last year so I’m glad I have the opportunity to at least write it into a screenplay. Assignment 1 involves writing a screen play that has little to no dialogue which, when we read through the handbook together, really caught my attention as this was exactly the criteria my idea adhered to. It is going to require a lot more thought, but what I have in mind is to look at the ways girls/women draw a lot of self worth and form their opinions of whether or not they are beautiful from wearing make up.

Here are my thoughts so far on what I would like this story to include (in chronological order) :

  • A young woman concentrating on applying her thick layers of make up to make her face appear flawless
  • She inspects her finished face and takes countless selfies before posting one on Facebook expecting plenty of “likes”, but receives none and removes the photo angrily.
  • She returns to the mirror, stares blankly at her face, then bursts into tears and smears her eyeliner etc. down her cheeks.


I haven’t yet worked out how I’d like it to end, but I want there to be someone or something that tells her, or somehow reassures her, that she doesn’t need the make up to be acceptable as a women or to be beautiful. I realise it sounds a little cliche in a lot of ways, but I am keen to write on this topic because I feel it is very important and is something that needs addressing in the society we live in.



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