To be honest, I still don’t totally understand shutter and iso and all of those important things that I really should have a good grasp on. Although, I did find the video we watched in class to be quite helpful. There was a lot of information to take in and it didn’t all stick in one sitting so I think I will watch it another few times over the next few weeks to help me gain a better understanding.

We did two exercises experimenting with aperture and shutter speed/angle this week. The first day we seemed to spend most of our half hour trying to figure out how to change all the settings on the camera! For this exercise we had our subject walk across the room while the camera person panned to follow so we could take note of the differences when the shutter was changed.
The second day was all about depth of field and creating “nice, creamy” bokeh. I know I could have done a lot better in this exercise. Instead of making sure I focused properly on my subject I was more focused on finishing the exercise as quickly as we could (photos below).
I’m going to make a point of practising with bokeh (I found this good article on bokeh for beginners) in my own time because it’s something i would really like to be able to do well.



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