BSA204: Creating a Story

I’ve decided to try and link my non-dialogue script with my project for professional practices where I am going to do a series of photographs focused around issues of self image and depression. While I’ve been trying to work out how to do these photos it’s been helping me to figure out the story for my first screenwriting assignment. The main idea I have for the photography project is to start with a happy, vibrant coloured image of a girl with no make up and then slowly fade out, over about 5 photos, to black and white and the girl, looking not so happy, with full face make up. I’d like to translate this into a screenplay through a story where the girl is reflecting on her process of being unhappy with her appearance…

The girl (who I have creatively referred to as “G” in my notes) stands in front of her mirror inspecting her freshly made up face. As her eyes bore into her reflection, memories of her happy self flitter through her mind. She sees herself before she cared about make up and whether or not people saw her as beautiful.
While the girl is adding final touch ups to her face, the memories slowly progress through the stages of her covering her face by wearing more and more makeup and, consequently, becoming less and less happy. Suddenly, she realises what has been making her unhappy (which is shown through a final flash of her naturally faced, happy self). She stares again at her face. Then slowly she begins wiping off the layers of makeup.

Now that I have a solid story in mind, I’m really looking forward to writing this screenplay. It’s still going to be a challenge I think, especially for me to be able to adequately describe what is in my head!


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