BSA234: Far From The Madding Crowd


Far From The Madding Crowd stars Carey Mulligan, Matthew Schoenaerts and Michael Sheen and is based in Thomas Hardy’s Classic.

Most of this film looks very warm, generally reflecting the mood of the characters. However, during the parts of this film where the characters are in conflict with each other, are feeling cold towards each other, or are just generally unhappy, the colour temperature is much cooler and the film looks much darker.


In the scene featuring the image above, the characters attitudes towards each other are quite unfriendly, hence the cool colours.
In contrast to this coolness, the warm, tungsten coloured image below matches the characters emotions, showing them warming to each other and beginning to fall in love.




In the image above, there is a mix of colour temperature which is used deliberately to reflect the sentiments of Bathsheba’s character. There is both a coldness and a warmth in this scene eluding to the coldness Bathsheba has held towards men until this moment where Francis Troy has broken through her barriers and caused her heart to warm to him. This mix of colour temperature in this scene makes sense as it is filmed at sunrise (there is still the coolness of the night, but also the warmth of the rising sun), but it also helps to tell the story – the sun is rising on a new part of Bathsheba’s life.

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