BSA234: Getting Some Experience

IMG_0118Thanks to Ash, the second year, third year, and grad dip students have been given the opportunity to film the basketball games at the stadium over the next few weeks for the live feed to the screen during the games.
I’m really looking forward to this opportunity because it means practical experience for potential future employment. It’s quite a high pressure situation, but I think that’s a good learning environment.

For this first game I actually didn’t do anything but watch in the control room. I honestly enjoyed this for the first game because my confidence levels weren’t there to have been doing anything else, so I appreciated being able to observe and see what happens.
Being an observer for this game helped me learn some important things which I have listed below:

  • Deep field of depth – it’s not an artsy situation, people just need to see the game clearly and not be focused on one tiny detail in the frame
  • Appropriate ISO – the aperture needs to be adjusted when the flood lights come on and when switching between the game and crowd (even though that doesn’t happen too often
  • Smooth camera movements – the high speed nature of the game requires a lot of camera movement, especially when zoomed in a little more, and smooth movements are required so the audience can follow the game easily

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