BSA204: Casting Call

I don’t have a lot to write about this week for screenwriting. We didn’t have class on Tuesday because it was a public holiday.

I suppose the most relevant thing for BSA204 that happened week was the annual Casting Call.
It was a bit of a crazy process actually. Firstly, we didn’t have a huge amount of warning that, as the second years, it was our responsibility to organise it, and, secondly, we didn’t really get started on the organising as early as we should have. Kate and I ended up doing the catering for the crew on the day too so that was an extra bit of stress too! That being said, I do enjoy cooking for people and seeing them enjoying what I’ve made, it’s very satisfying. And the food was delicious, if I may say so myself.

I had a chance in the afternoon of the day to sit in on some auditions and take notes which was a really great experience. Before doing that, I didn’t really know what happens in auditions and I realised that if I want to be in the film industry I really should know.
There was such an interesting mix of people who came through in the couple of hours I was in the room with Dan, Josh and Nicola, from a couple who spontaneously came in having never done any acting before to Ben who had been a drama student and was an excellent voice actor. It actually surprised me how many people came in to audition for voice acting and had no interest in actually being on screen as I had assumed most people would come in for screen acting. Maybe they were all just in other rooms?

After Nicola was talking about getting ideas for people to act in her productions later in the year, I tried to watch the auditions in a different way. I tried to see where I would place these people as characters in my own stories. I guess I just sat there trying to stereo type them, but if I was doing it for artistic purposes it’s okay, right? There were one or two people who stood out to me that I would strongly consider using, but the problem I had is that I don’t have any ideas for stories at all at the moment. I’ve got nothing I want to write or make right now, just haven’t thought about it yet. As I watched the auditions though, I found myself thinking about creating stories around the people I was seeing, around the characters i thought they would naturally fit. I’m not sure that’s quite the right way to write a story, but I guess I’ll find out!

One thought on “BSA204: Casting Call

  1. Good, thank you Yohanna. Yes, I sometimes find myself writing concepts/stories around great actors that I’ve come across! There are certainly no rules when it comes to the creative process! 🙂


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