BSA234: Fixed Rig Productions

“Fixed rig production combines elements of traditional outside broadcast with the benefits of fully digital tapeless production.”

When I first heard the term “fixed rig production” I had no idea what it meant, but as I starting reading up on it and show such as One Born Every Minute or 24 Hours In A&E were mentioned, I understood. They’re those kind of shows that look like we, the viewer, are just being shown all the CCTV footage. There will be up to 100 cameras planted around, like security cameras, to catch all the action and this gives the filmmakers an abundance of material to make their shows. The more traditional observational documentary makers on the other hand will only have around three cameras.
I think what makes these fixed rig productions so interesting is that the people being filmed act far more naturally when going about their business. It’s also less intrusive as, even though they know they’re being filmed, there isn’t the presence of a film crew to distract them or make them nervous.
People are naturally nosey and like to see how things work in places such as hospitals or police stations so I think that’s why fixed rig productions that are filmed in these sorts of places are so popular.


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