BSA204: Web Series

It was sad to say goodbye to Duncan this week, but I will look forward to seeing him again next year. He’s been a huge help with my story writing and development and a great encouragement.
I really enjoyed the last couple of days we had with him. He got me doing a bit of improvisation (as he does) which I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy, but I actually did.
What he was getting us to do was to change elements of our ‘story’ and see how it changed the mood or effectiveness. I found it to be a real help because it got me thinking about how good it is to change a story or piece of writing, even if you think it’s great how it is, because there’s always going to be ways to improve it. Sometimes it’s just something simple like making one character talk a little more or even making one talk less.

During the writing exercises where we put this advice into practice, I started thinking more about what to do for my web series of short film. I’ve been really wanting to write a web series because I think it would be a bit more of a challenge and will just be nice to do something a little different too.
I had an idea while listening to the conversations we have at dinner that it would be fun to write a web series that were basically dinner table conversations. Sure, it will be a challenge to make each episode different enough and make it really engaging too, but I think it will be fun to play around with how you can get to know characters and reveal a lot about a person, or a family, from what they discuss at dinner.
Sitting down to dinner and getting to hear about everyone’s day is something I really look forward to in my own life. For me, it’s where I’ve gotten to know the people I live with and it’s the place we all come together and start to connect. Plus, we always have fun and interesting conversations.
To be honest, I think I’m going to start taking a pen and paper to the table and taking notes just in case any gems pop up!

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