BSA204: A Girl Like Her

backgroundAs I said, I wasn’t well this week and because of this I took a few days off, Tuesday afternoon included.
I watched a film while I was at home and it made quite an impact on me. I spent most of the film either on the verge of tears or fully crying. The film was A Girl Like Her by Amy S. Weber. It’s the story of a girl who attempted suicide after being bullied by a girl she used to be friends with.

What is different about this film is not only the way it is presented as a documentary, but the way it seems to follow the bully more than the bullied. Bullying is very important issue, but it seems that most often the bully is ignored. This film seems to address the issue that both parties are equally as important. They both need help and the people that hurt are hurting too.
I think that presenting this film as a documentary made it even more powerful as it felt more personal, more real compared to presenting it as a drama.

The title, A Girl Like Her, is very clever because it refers to both the girls this film focuses on. It’s for the girls getting bullied, and the girls doing the bullying. I looked on the film’s official website and saw a quote from The Washington Post that said “it has the power to engage teens on all levels”. That’s quite true, like I said, it’s for girls on both sides of the issue, but it’s not just for the girls. It will also impact the boys. And not only those directly involved in the bullying, but those who look on and do nothing, it’s an encouragement to stand up, say something, and get some help.

I felt this story on a personal level because bullying was the reason I left school and was homeschooled. I wasn’t bullied to the extend depicted in this film, but what I experienced as a young child impacted me deeply and I sometimes still feel the effects of it today.

I think this film does an excellent job of making the viewer aware of both sides of the story of bullying and in a way that makes it a powerful, personal experience.

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