BSA234: Storyboarding

I always have high hopes for my storyboarding, but when it comes to it, what talent I hold for drawing seems to go out the window. Maybe it is partially to do with laziness, but what I hope to be nice, simple, clear drawings of people turn into stick figures. At least this time I only had a couple of stick figures in amongst all the other exceptionally drawn people.

For our Film Drama Project, I am going to film my non dialogue script from BSA204 as I thought it might be simpler than working with children. That doesn’t mean it’s exempt of challenges; ideally I’d like to film in a club, but that could be a tricky location to secure. Thankfully, I have a back up of filming in Upstage at SIT which is fitted with coloured lights which could quite easily simulate a club. The biggest challenge with that is set design for the scene at the bar.
The other big challenge I face is filming the scene where the character, Leah, climbs over the door of the toilet stall. I feel that could be a recipe for disaster. I could think up an alternative way for her to get out of the toilet stall, or I could just go ahead with what’s in the script and just hope and pray for the best! If I go ahead with this there will be a step ladder on the other side of the door fro my actress to climb on.

Over the next couple of days I will be searching through the database of potential actors and actresses collected during the Casting Call for people to play my characters.

I had hoped to start filming in the first couple of days of this coming week, but I think that’s pushing it for arranging everything and finding actors and giving them warning so I’m now working towards next weekend.



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