BSA231: Promotional Videos

As an introduction to our Practical Filmmaking class this semester, we read through the handbook (riveting as usual) and did a little research on promotional videos to start on us our first project of making one.

Below is the list of questions we had to answer when looking at two different promotional videos.


  • Who is the client?
  • What is the product/service?
  • What is the message?
  • What specific filmmaking techniques do they use to deliver the message/highlight the qualities or benefits of the product/service? Camera techniques? Post-production? Narrative techniques? Music?
  • Is the promotional video successful? If not, why?
  • Do you like it? If not, why?



  1. Dove
  2. Helping women understand they are more beautiful than they think.
  3. “You are more beautiful than you think”. Dove Real Beauty Sketches.
  4. Handheld camera helps the people feel more real (part of the message is real beauty). Soft, nautral lighting. Filmed in an open space with plenty of light. Gentle music. Not revealing the sketches until the end, and throwing in other people describing the women (which I wasn’t expecting) made is quite emotional.
  5. Yes.
  6. Yes.




  1. Evian
  2. Pure and natural water.
  3. Live young
  4. Fun, upbeat music. Changing relfection to be a baby (hence “live young”).
  5. It’s catchy (mostly due to the music). It’s fun. It’s short so it keeps your attention. It begins in way that catches your attention, but is also in a style that many “hipster” style ads are which lets you know it’s going to be fun and not too long.
  6. Not sure. It’s quite odd. I didn’t dislike it. I enjoyed the music, but I think showing the product, even subtly, would have been good, although it wasn’t necessrily needed.


I found another video that I really enjoyed. It’s not exactly a promotional video, but it was created by Airbnb as a way to engage with their customers.
They decided to ask people to make vines that followed a certain story they had created, and then Airbnb would piece it all together to make a short film.


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