BSA231: Finding a Client

I had planned to make a promotional video for one of the local churches, but I was told that a church wouldn’t quite fit for being a non-profit organisation. I was a bit put out about this as I had already been putting together a rough plan of what to have in the video and I really thought it would work out well.
Instead I had a look through the list of possible clients we were given whose details had been collected last year. There weren’t many organisations that stood out to me. I was really interested in approaching the Invercargill Public Art Gallery, but after looking on their website I discovered the art gallery is closed until further notice. Another organisation that caught my eye was the Dan Davin Literary Foundation. They work with New Zealand writers, supporting and promoting them. Having an interest in writing myself, I thought that it would be a good idea contact them and find out if they would be interested in working with me.
Since I had admittedly forgotten about this project during the week, I only sent the email on Saturday evening. Hopefully I’ll get a response in my favour soon.


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