BSA227: Tiny Planets

Kate and I have conceived an idea for a story that involves creating “tiny planets”. At this stage, the basic outline of the story is a child imagining the exploration of the solar system with the planets, and their contents, being of a scale that a child might perceive.
These planets will be based on YouTuber KickThePj’s PJ, TINY PLANET EXPLORER.

We also looked at another similar video on YouTube by karenxcheng. Her style is slightly different and we really liked it, but the way she made her “tiny planets” requires a 360° camera which we do not have access to. Regardless, her video is still one of our main influences for the style of our project.


In the solar system we will be creating in our film, each planet will be a different environment that has a unique mood. The images below are examples of different planets or worlds we could create. The last image was a panorama that I took and then tested the process of turning a still image into a tiny planet. One of the challenges we will be facing when we put together our film will be creating these kinds of planets using moving images as the processes and techniques can be quite different.

TinyPlanetTest5   13866615_10153872026783990_570073969_n    TinyPlanet_Test

Another idea we are toying with, but have yet to test, is changing the textures of certain features of the tiny planets. For instance, we are thinking it would be fun to change a mountain to have the texture of pebbles. The most likely way for us to achieve this will be through masking.

Below are screenshots of the presentation we gave on the basic outline of our story, the intended style, our progress so far, ways to achieve the effects we are aiming for and the next things we will be looking at.

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