BSA231: Learning Things

Today’s class felt like it was full of good things. We had a chat over Skype with Richard Bell which I found really enjoyable. Being interested in music videos myself, it was really good to hear from someone who has been involved in making them since they were first taking off and becoming a viable industry. We then presented our progress so far on our promotional videos and were given tasks to complete for next week that will help us get our projects on a roll, such as confirming interviewees and writing a solid list of questions for each person. After that, we grabbed the light meters again to recap how they work and what their purpose is. I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoyed this part of the class, but I certainly found it very useful and it helped to reaffirm the knowledge that I am gaining on the exposure aspects of a camera through the photography I do in my own time.

Having spoken with Rebecca who, if I remember correctly, is the chairperson of the Dan Davin Literary Foundation. She seemed very enthusiastic about the promotional video, which was really encouraging. She said she would be happy to be interviewed for the video and also said she would try to encourage last years winner of the adult award to be interviewed too. I now need to write a list of questions for the both of them and decided on  locations and possible back up locations as I was hoping to film at least one of them in Queen’s Park. If the weather isn’t good for the day I plan to shoot (which will be between the 12th and 15th of August) then that obviously won’t happen. I am hopeful though, because on Lana’s shoot at the Boat Club yesterday it was meant to be a pretty dull and rainy day, but we had sun for most of it.

Rebecca suggested using some of the locations that Dan Davin wrote about in his books or maybe the house he grew up in. I drove past the house to have a quick look and it would certainly be a nice location, but Rebecca says she doesn’t know the new owners so I feel it wouldn’t quite be right to ask these people if I could film in their house.
Rebecca also mentioned that Dan Davin wrote about the Civic which was also one of the locations we discussed in class that would be possible to use. I definitely like the idea of using this. I will now need to get in contact with the people at the Civic so I can have a look around and hopefully book it so I can then get onto planning out the b-roll parts of the video.

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