BSA231: Promo Vid Progress

I had a goal in the last week to confirm my interviewees and locations , but I ran out of time between finishing another assessment, packing for moving, and helping on Lana’s shoot. I had managed to confirm Rebecca as an interviewee on Thursday and she said she would be able to get in contact with last year’s winner of the adult competition and encourage him to be an interviewee too. By the time I did have chance to organise locations, it was Sunday and I wouldn’t have been able to get in contact with businesses.

It is now Thursday and I have made some progress. I have confirmed my second interviewee – David Dudfield, the winner of last year’s adult Dan Davin Award.
I will be filming the interviews on Tuesday afternoon between 1pm and 4:30pm in Queen’s Park, providing the sun is out!
I have also talked to one of the ladies at the library and asked if I can borrow some of the books they have that Dan Davin wrote to include in my B-roll footage and she has given me permission for that. When I have confirmed locations and dates for the B-roll I only need to ring Cynthia and she will let me borrow them.

I’ve done a couple of storyboards for my B-roll so I could show Rebecca during our second meeting on the Tuesday just been. They aren’t anything special, just quick sketches to give an idea of what I’m thinking. The first is a person sitting at a desk writing, and the second is an over-the-shoulder shot of what the person is writing. I’m hoping to have some slider shots of this situation just to add some movement to the video. Watching what Corey was filming for Lana’s video (most of the B-roll being on a slider), gave me a really good idea of what I should be doing for my own video.


A really important piece of B-roll to include in the promo vid for Dan Davin is the Dan Davin bust which is at the Community Trust. 7121144Rebecca said that the Community Trust purchasing the bust from the Southland Museum was really where the Dan Davin Literary Foundation began, so including it in the video is quite important.

I will be going to the Community Trust tomorrow (Friday) to talk to the people there about filming the bust. Hopefully this will happen on the same day as the rest of my B-roll filming. I am hoping this will take place at the Civic so I am going to have a look around there tomorrow to see if there are any places there that will be suitable. If so, I have been told that I will have to film there either Monday or Tuesday as they have events on the weekend and Wednesday. As I have already confirmed to shoot interviews on Tuesday I will need to make arrangements to film on Monday.

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