BSA231: A Crazy Week of Filming

This week has felt twice as long as it actually was. The only down time I had was for about two hours on Thursday and that was only because I ignored what I could have been doing, but I felt it was important to give myself that little bit of me time.

On Monday I had to run off in the middle of class, dragging Josh with me, to film the B-roll for my promotional video. I had a friend come along to act for me, not that much acting was required – all she needed to do was write on some paper and look through a book.
I had arranged with a lovely lady called Cynthia at the library to borrow some of Dan Davin’s books, but when I went to get them she also gave me a folder that included all sorts of correspondence, financial documents and pamphlets relating to Davin and his work so that was a bonus. I had Sarah, my actress, look through this book as we filmed. She ended up getting quite engrossed in it and read most of it while Josh and I worked around her figuring out different shots.
It was really great to have Josh with me working as camera operator as it took a little stress off of me which made it the whole process go much smoother.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.39.15 am
B-roll of Sarah before colour correction
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.41.51 am
B-roll of Sarah before colour correction


Monday evening I met with Kate and Aaron at the Stadium to film basketball and athletics for the Special Olympics training. I really enjoyed this shoot, it was quite a relaxed environment and the athletes were a lot of fun to work with.
Kate asked me to work on camera for this and I found it was a really good environment for me to try different things without any pressure. Not having to concentrate on anything else, but the camera was really nice.
After the training at the Stadium, we went along to film them playing indoor bowls.

I think that Tuesday went really well even though there was a lot going on. I was part of three different shoots on that one day. Josh and I went to get the second part of my B-roll, the Dan Davin bust at the Community Trust, at 11am, then at 1pm Josh, Teneill and I met David Dudfield at the Band Rotunda in Queen’s Park for my first interview. After that we all headed to the Museum to shoot Josh’s B-roll, and then we all went back to the Band Rotunda at 3:30 for my second interview with Rebecca Amundsen who is the chairperson of the Dan Davin Literary Foundation.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.38.48 am
Dan Davin bust
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.42.51 am
Rebecca Amundsen interview

We had a tiny bit of a break once that was all done, but then Josh and I met with Kate to go to the Rowing Club to film the rowing training for Kate’s promo. Josh was on camera for this part and I wasn’t really doing anything, but I really enjoyed just watching the process. I find the athletes really inspiring, they are really motivated, work very hard and are so dedicated to what they do.

On Friday I finally got the chance to review my footage. Everything looked really good and I was very happy with it, but there was one problem – I couldn’t find David’s interview.
I think I must have somehow managed to not import it. I nearly cried when I realised I didn’t have it and would have to reshoot. I had felt so good about this assignment when I had finished all of my filming nearly a week before it was due so it was quite deflating to have that happen. Thankfully, we had been given an extension giving us until Tuesday 23rd at 4pm to finish the promo video so on Monday I am reshooting the interview with David.

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