BSA231: I made a Promotional Video

I did it. I made a promotional video.

The last few days of putting together this video were quite stressful. After I realised I didn’t have the footage from David’s interview, I organised to reshoot on Monday. Monday came and I was feeling pretty good about everything. I got the gear I needed and Josh, Kate and I headed off to Queen’s Park again (we were a little late, but we did make it) where we reshot the interview with David. It was a really quick reshoot (we finished in about 15 minutes) and I think shooting outside, not requiring lighting, helped with that. Having done the interview once before, David knew exactly what questions I would be asking and what he needed to say in response to them so that was a huge help too.

I was really happy with the footage when we got back to class and I was looking over it, but I hadn’t recorded the audio right. I had recorded through the wrong input on the Zoom mic and so what I had was more of an ambient recording – David was very quiet, I was loud (because I was holding the Zoom), the children in the background were clear, you could hear the wind and the birds too. I think I nearly cried at that point, I was so disappointed in myself. I also felt terrible that David had gone out of his way to help me a second time and I had messed up that time too.
Ideally, I would have liked to have reshot a third time, but I felt so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to ask David. I also didn’t have enough time as another classmate needed the camera I had been using that afternoon. Instead I just sat down and continued editing.

There were a few things I ran out of time for in the video I submitted; I didn’t have a name title for Rebecca, I didn’t have credits and the music ran for a little too long after the video ended.
Before I hand over the video to Rebecca, I’m going to fix these things. I’m also going to offer to Rebecca that I reshoot David’s interview again, and possibly her own, if she isn’t happy with the video.

So I could put it here on my blog, I uploaded the video I submitted for assessment.
Once I’ve made the necessary adjustments, and shown Rebecca, I will upload the final one.

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