BSA227: Sand Water

One of the challenges Kate and I are facing with our project is finding a way to make sand move like water as our story involves a planet where the water is still and firm, like sand normally is, and the sand is fluid.
Kate found the below video where a guy is walking down a sand dune and, with each step, the sand slides down in waves in front of him.
If we filmed this on a phone (since we can’t take any other cameras to the beach) we might  be able to do this, but I think it would really only work as POV shot and I don’t think that’s what we had in mind for this scene.


Another option, and one that I am really keen to explore further, is using a sand art technique. I admit, I found it hard to stop watching these sand art videos – they are so captivating.
I think that trying to make sand move like water in this way would be really effective. When the sand is thrown in these videos it creates a water-like effect, so I think that would be really fun to play around with for the planet in our story.


This ‘Titanic’ sand painting had a particularly interesting feature which we may be able to utilize; finger prints in the sand that look like water drops.

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