BSA231: Walking, Locationing and Screenplaying.

This morning I got up early and went for a walk (like I’ve been planning on for the past few weeks) around the river beside Thompson’s Bush. While I was walking I was looking on the edge of the bush for an area where I can have the reveal of my character’s bodies. I did have in mind an area where there is also a small playground because there is a lovely area with a couple of large trees and some small bushes on each side of a small patch of grass. In my mind this area would be ideal for the reveal, but I didn’t take into account that the trees aren’t native bush like the rest of the locations I’ll be using and there’s also a lot of traffic noise. I considered not recording sound here and recording foley at a seperate location or just having a kind of buzz track and messing with it a bit and adding sounds such as a heart beat to try and mimic the way your head fills with sounds which become slightly distorted when you start to panic. I may do this anyway with whatever location I end up using, but I will need to record other sound here as this will be the location where my characters actually converse.
As I got further along the track I was walking, there was another clearing which would be much easier to record sound at. I do think that it could be a challenge to get clean sound anywhere in Thompson’s bush as it is in the middle of Invercargill so there is likely to be traffic sounds. I plan on walking around the bush with Josh sometime in the next couple of weeks to pick the places where we will film so I will make sure to pay attention to what I can hear while in there.
I also plan to return to the first location I mentioned and take photos as I might be able to use it in another place in my film or maybe in another project in the future.

In other news, I’ve been working on the screenplay for this project which is beginning to take shape. My aim is to have the first draft of it finished by the end of the weekend, so once that is done I will post an excerpt.


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