BSA206: Funny Things

When I was little, my Nana had a video tape of Dad’s Army (1968-1977) which my brother and I used to watch when we stayed at Nana’s. Sometimes we would take it back to our house and watch it with mum and dad. I remember finding parts of it quite boring, but other parts were really funny. The problem was, half the time I didn’t know what was funny, I just knew that everyone else was laughing so that meant something was funny. My brother’s favourite episode was Asleep in the Deep so that was the one we watched most often and the one I actually found the most enjoyable. I probably found it enjoyable because I understood how ridiculous it was for these men to be stuck in a room that gets flooded. I watch this episode again recently after watching Dad’s Army (2016) the movie (which I really enjoyed), and I noticed little parts that I remember laughing at when I was young, but this time I understood why they were funny.
I still found that my favourite part is the “terrible way to die” line.

One of the other videos that my Nana had that my brother and I watched repeatedly was The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993-1995) which I always referred to as “Farthing Wood and Friends”. Apparently that isn’t the correct name.
The funniest part of this series for me was when Weasel gets drunk. It’s in the first season, in episode 13, when Badger and Weasel get stuck in a cellar. Weasel lies down on the floor under the tap of a barrel filled with wine which drips into her mouth. Again, I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but it was funny because Weasel just keeps blabbering on to Badger and repeating “‘ere we go, ‘ere we go!”. As a child, this was the funniest thing so my brother and I would rewind to the start of this scene and rewatch it countless times and always end up in fits of giggles. Once I realised Weasel was drunk, I found it funnier and it’s still pretty funny today just because of how ridiculous it is.


Obviously my humour has changed now that I’m older, but that doesn’t mean that everything I watch has “inappropriate” humour. One of my favourite films is Boy (2010) and even though it has very serious undertones, it’s still a really funny movie. A lot of the jokes in this film are good old Kiwi humour and they aren’t dirty or inappropriate, they are just funny.


Another film I love for it’s funnies, is Bridesmaids (2011). Sure, this film has far more adult jokes than Boy, but there’s also a lot of moments that are quite human and I think we laugh at them because we see ourselves. One of my personal favourites from this film is where the main character makes a fool out of herself by trying to better her best friend’s new friend by proving she is the better friend during the speeches at an engagement party. I really didn’t explain that very well right there, so here is the clip:


I also find absolute ridiculousness really funny, so I’ve included a few of my favourite videos:

[Warning: Inappropriateness follows]



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