BSA231: Inspiraish.

I was inspired by Brave (2012) and the trail of “wisps” that the character Merida follows. I really loved the way this added a fantastical, mysterious and magical aspect to the story. This element didn’t need to be explained as it was so fantastical that the viewer just accepted it. I wanted to recreate that feeling with the trail of photos that Lily follows in my film. The idea was that this in between world that the story is set in is a fantasy kind of world where things don’t make sense, but if you understand that you are in a world where normal rules don’t apply, you can almost control it. The boy in The In Between understands that he isn’t in the real world so he manages to almost conjure these photos out of nowhere.


I wanted to show Lily’s confusion and panic when she first changes location and at the same time immerse the viewer in her experience. I liked the way this kind of effect was executed in The Forest (2015). As far as I remember, the 180˚ rule was completely scraped in the scene I am thinking of, but for the reason that it creates confusion and disorientates the viewer just as the character is feeling in that situation. I made the point when filming the first scene that Lily changes location to film it from different angles so that I would have options for cutting between various angles when it came to editing.


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